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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-01-01A Multi-shuffler Framework to Establish Mutual Confidence for Secure Federated LearningZhou, Z; Xu, C; Wang, M; Kuang, X; Zhuang, Y; Yu, S
2021-09-01A Novel Resource Optimization Algorithm Based on Clustering and Improved Differential Evolution Strategy under a Cloud EnvironmentZhou, Z; Li, F; Yang, S
2017-03-09Amplified stimulated emission in upconversion nanoparticles for super-resolution nanoscopyLiu, Y; Lu, Y; Yang, X; Zheng, X; Wen, S; Wang, F; Vidal, X; Zhao, J; Liu, D; Zhou, Z; Ma, C; Zhou, J; Piper, JA; Xi, P; Jin, D
2023-03-10Anti-aging mechanism and rheological properties of lignin, quercetin, and gallic acid as antioxidants in asphaltSun, L; Gu, X; Hu, D; Zhou, Z; Wang, G
2018-12-10An approach for the protection of users’ book browsing preference privacy in a digital libraryWu, Z; Zheng, C; Xiejian, J; Zhou, Z; Xu, G; Chen, E
2022-07-15Aspect Ratio of PEGylated Upconversion Nanocrystals Affects the Cellular Uptake In Vitro and In Vivo.Fu, L; Shi, B; Wen, S; Morsch, M; Wang, G; Zhou, Z; Mi, C; Sadraeian, M; Lin, G; Lu, Y; Jin, D; Chung, R
2017-07Atomic Interface Engineering and Electric-Field Effect in Ultrathin Bi2 MoO6 Nanosheets for Superior Lithium Ion Storage.Zheng, Y; Zhou, T; Zhao, X; Pang, WK; Gao, H; Li, S; Zhou, Z; Liu, H; Guo, Z
2022-01-01Augmented Dual-Shuffle-based Moving Target Defense to Ensure CIA-triad in Federated LearningZhou, Z; Xu, C; Wang, M; Ma, T; Yu, S
2021-04-01Axial localization and tracking of self-interference nanoparticles by lateral point spread functionsLiu, Y; Zhou, Z; Wang, F; Kewes, G; Wen, S; Burger, S; Ebrahimi Wakiani, M; Xi, P; Yang, J; Yang, X; Benson, O; Jin, D
2016-11-21Classification of animals and people based on radio-sensor networkZhong, Y; Zhou, Z; Jiang, T; Heimlich, M; Dutkiewicz, E; Fang, G
2021-01-01Context-aware Adaptive Route Mutation Scheme: A Reinforcement Learning ApproachXu, C; Zhang, T; Kuang, X; Zhou, Z; Yu, S
2023-07-21Deep Learning-Based Classification of Neurodegenerative Diseases Using Gait Dataset: A Comparative StudyZhou, Z; Kanwal, A; Chaturvedi, K; Raza, R; Prakash, S; Jan, T; Prasad, M
2020-07-01Deep Sequence Labelling Model for Information Extraction in Micro Learning ServiceLin, J; Zhou, Z; Sun, G; Shen, J; Pritchard, D; Cui, T; Xu, D; Li, L; Beydoun, G
2017-09-07Deformable template matching using proposal-based best-buddies similarityXia, H; Zhao, W; Zhou, Z; Jiang, F; Li, H; He, X
2022-02-01Degradation of sulfamethazine by vacuum ultraviolet-activated sulfate radical-advanced oxidation: efficacy, mechanism and influences of water constituentsLi, H; Yang, Y; Li, X; Zhou, Z; Feng, J; Dai, Y; Li, X; Ren, J
2011-11-28Describing human identity using attributesZhou, Z; Bu, J; Tao, D; Zhang, L; Song, M; Chen, C
2017-07-01Device-free sensing for classification of human activities using high-order cumulant algorithmZhong, Y; Zhu, JB; Dutkiewicz, E; Jiang, T; Zhou, Z
2017-06-01Device-Free Sensing for Personnel Detection in a Foliage EnvironmentZhong, Y; Yang, Y; Zhu, X; Dutkiewicz, E; Zhou, Z; Jiang, T
2018-01-01Direct cation exchange of surface ligand capped upconversion nanocrystals to produce strong luminescenceGuan, M; Zhou, Z; Mei, L; Zheng, H; Ren, W; Wang, L; Du, Y; Jin, D; Zhou, J
2021-12-01Effect of Fe-based micro-flocculation combined with gravity-driven membrane ultrafiltration on removal of aluminum species during water treatmentYue, X; Yang, Y; Li, X; Ren, J; Zhou, Z; Zhang, Y; Yu, H