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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019A case study on the new reverberation room built in University of Technology SydneyQiu, X; Zhu, Q; Wang, S; Zhong, J
2016-11-01Assess the topographic resolution impact on soil lossZhu, Q; Yang, X; Yu, Q
2013-01-01Broad Band Focusing of Photonic Crystals with Graded Negative IndexZhu, Q; Fu, Y; Zhu, S
2020-01-01A comparison between two modal domain methods for personal audio reproductionZhu, Q; Qiu, X; Coleman, P; Burnett, I
2018-05-01Correlating the subsidence pattern and land use in Bandung, Indonesia with both Sentinel-1/2 and ALOS-2 satellite imagesDu, Z; Ge, L; Ng, AHM; Zhu, Q; Yang, X; Li, L
2019Crack Detection Using Enhanced Hierarchical Convolutional Neural NetworksZhu, Q; Phung, M; Ha, Q
2018-01-01Crack detection using enhanced thresholding on UAV based collected imagesZhu, Q; Dinh, TH; Hoang, VT; Phung, MD; Ha, QP
2018-10-10A Deep Learning Health Data Analysis Approach: Automatic 3D Prostate MR Segmentation with Densely-Connected Volumetric ConvNetsZhu, Q; Du, B; Wu, J; Yan, P
2020-07Defect detection based on singular value decomposition and histogram thresholdingTran, XT; Dinh, TH; Le, HV; Zhu, Q; Ha, Q
2020-01-01Discovering cliques in signed networks based on balance theorySun, R; Zhu, Q; Chen, C; Wang, X; Zhang, Y; Wang, X
2019-01-15Estimation of event-based rainfall erosivity from radar after wildfireZhu, Q; Yang, X; Yu, B; Tulau, M; McInnes-Clarke, S; Nolan, RH; Du, Z; Yu, Q
2021Hierarchical Convolutional Neural Network with Feature Preservation and Autotuned Thresholding for Crack DetectionZhu, Q; Dinh, TH; Phung, MD; Ha, QP
2020-07-07Hurricane in Bipartite Graphs: The Lethal Nodes of ButterfliesZhu, Q; Zheng, J; Yang, H; Chen, C; Wang, X; Zhang, Y
2012-07-10I/O cost minimization: Reachability queries processing over massive graphsZhang, Z; Yu, JX; Qin, L; Zhu, Q; Zhou, X
2019-07-10An IgG-induced neutrophil activation pathway contributes to human drug-induced anaphylaxis.Jönsson, F; de Chaisemartin, L; Granger, V; Gouel-Chéron, A; Gillis, CM; Zhu, Q; Dib, F; Nicaise-Roland, P; Ganneau, C; Hurtado-Nedelec, M; Paugam-Burtz, C; Necib, S; Keita-Meyer, H; Le Dorze, M; Cholley, B; Langeron, O; Jacob, L; Plaud, B; Fischler, M; Sauvan, C; Guinnepain, M-T; Montravers, P; Aubier, M; Bay, S; Neukirch, C; Tubach, F; Longrois, D; Chollet-Martin, S; Bruhns, P
2019-01-01Increase in DNA damage by MYCN knockdown through regulating nucleosome organization and chromatin state in neuroblastomaHu, X; Zheng, W; Zhu, Q; Gu, L; Du, Y; Han, Z; Zhang, X; Carter, DR; Cheung, BB; Qiu, A; Jiang, C
2020-10Local renal complement activation mediates immune kidney injury by inducing endothelin-1 signalling and inflammation in trichloroethylene-sensitised mice.Wang, G; Zhang, J; Dai, Y; Xu, Q; Zhu, Q
2019-09-01Long-term subsidence in Mexico City from 2004 to 2018 revealed by five synthetic aperture radar sensorsDu, Z; Ge, L; Ng, AHM; Zhu, Q; Zhang, Q; Kuang, J; Dong, Y
2020-04-01Message from OrganizersSangiovanni-Vincentelli, A; Sztipanovits, J; Zhu, Q; Yu, S
2018-01-01Near real-Time monitoring of post-fire erosion after storm events: A case study in Warrumbungle National Park, AustraliaYang, X; Zhu, Q; Tulau, M; McInnes-Clarke, S; Sun, L; Zhang, X