Modeling the stress dependence of magnetic hysteresis based on Stoner-Wohlfarth theory

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Conference Proceeding
2015 IEEE International Conference on Applied Superconductivity and Electromagnetic Devices, ASEMD 2015 - Proceedings, 2016, pp. 378 - 379
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© 2015 IEEE. This paper presents an improved approach for simulating magnetic hysteresis, which takes into account the effect of applied stress, based on an extended Stoner-Wohlfarth (S-W) model. Meanwhile, the S-W asteroid rotates and shrinks, and the stable direction of magnetization of the particle can be calculated from the new energy minimum conditions. This developed model is applied to analyze the magnetic hysteresis phenomenon of a soft magnetic composite (SMC) material under different compaction process, and the results of simulations are in good quantitative agreement with experimental data.
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