High rate nitrogen removal by ANAMMOX internal circulation reactor (IC) for old landfill leachate treatment

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Journal Article
Bioresource Technology, 2017, 234 pp. 281 - 288
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© 2017 Elsevier Ltd This study aimed to evaluate the performance of a high rate nitrogen removal lab-scale ANAMMOX reactor, namely Internal Circulation (IC) reactor, for old landfill leachate treatment. The reactor was operated with pre-treated leachate from a pilot Partial Nitritation Reactor (PNR) using a high nitrogen loading rate ranging from 2 to 10 kg N m−3 d−1. High rate removal of nitrogen (9.52 ± 1.11 kg N m−3 d−1) was observed at an influent nitrogen concentration of 1500 mg N L−1. The specific ANAMMOX activity was found to be 0.598 ± 0.026 gN2-N gVSS−1 d−1. Analysis of ANAMMOX granules suggested that 0.5–1.0 mm size granular sludge was the dominant group. The results of DNA analysis revealed that Candidatus Kueneniastuttgartiensis was the dominant species (37.45%) in the IC reactor, whereas other species like uncultured Bacteroidetes bacterium only constituted 5.37% in the system, but they were still responsible for removing recalcitrant organic matter.
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