Quantitative Approach on Parallel Coordinates and Scatter Plots for Multidimensional-Data Visual Analytics

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Journal Article
Journal of computers, 2018, 13 (4), pp. 407 - 416 (10)
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Parallel coordinates and scatter plots are two well-known visualization techniques for multidimensional data analytics and often employed cooperatively for flexibility increase in exploration of such data. Existing approaches approximately consider qualitative issues and single attribute comparison, which might face statistic challenges in case of quantitative requirement. This paper introduces a new quantitative approach for visual enhancement of parallel coordinates and scatter plots in term of multiple attribute comparison. The method is based on the visual integration of interactive stacked bars and visual queries on parallel axes and scatter charts. The parallel coordinates play the role of a context view while the scatter charts are for focus details. Using the technique, users could not only quantitatively analyze multivariate data, but also flexibly compare multiple target attributes. Moreover, further investigation is enabled for deep understanding of desired information. The characteristics and usefulness of our approach are demonstrated via a case study with two typical use cases.
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