Survey on electrical machines in electrical vehicles

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Conference Proceeding
2009 International Conference on Applied Superconductivity and Electromagnetic Devices, ASEMD 2009, 2009, pp. 167 - 170
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With great concerns on clean environment, there is a fast growing interest in electrical vehicles (EVs). As one of the key technologies, the motor drive has been developed quickly. In this paper, the characteristics of four traditional machines are first reviewed and evaluated, which include the direct current machine (DCM), induction machine (IM), switched reluctance machine (SRM) and permanent magnet brushless machine (PMBM). Then, the topologies and performances of four special machines are discussed, including the transverse flux machine (TFM), axial flux machine (AFM), doubly salient permanent magnet machine (DMPM) and dual mechanical port electrical machine (DMPEM). Finally, future research trends of electrical machines in EVs are described. © 2009 IEEE.
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