XKMis: Effective and efficient keyword search in XML databases

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Conference Proceeding
ACM International Conference Proceeding Series, 2009, pp. 121 - 130
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We present XKMis, a system for keyword search in xml documents. Unlike previous work, our method is not based on the lowest common ancestor (LCA) or its variant, rather we divide the nodes into meaningful and self-containing information segments, called minimal information segments (MISs), and return MIS-subtrees which consist of MISs that are logically connected by the keywords. The MIS-subtrees are closer to what the user wants. The MIS-subtrees enable us to use the region code of xml trees to develop an algorithm for the search which is more efficient especially for large xml trees. We report our experiment results, which verify the better effectiveness and efficiency of our system. Copyright ©2009 ACM.
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