Multi agent system for estimation of cardiovascular parameters

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Conference Proceeding
2005 1st International Conference on Computers, Communications and Signal Processing with Special Track on Biomedical Engineering, CCSP 2005, 2005, pp. 296 - 299
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Many cardiovascular diseases can be avoided by continuous monitoring cardiovascular parameters. Heart rate, electrocardiogram, blood pressure and pulse wave velocity are the most important and popular cardiovascular parameters. These parameters can be measured by different sensors that have been developed and improved to achieve reliable, accurate and continuous measurements. A part of the processing of theses sensors data, to get the related information, is parameters estimation. This paper presents a new concept to estimate cardiovascular parameters via using a new multi-agent system; that combines two independent methods; first method depends on pulse wave velocity (PWV), while second method depends on heart rate and artery resistance. The outcome of this multi-agent system is a continuous and reliable estimation of cardiovascular parameters by using non-invasive, Cuffless cheap sensors. © 2005 IEEE.
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