Managing conflicts among non-functional requirements

University of Technology, Sydney
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Conference Proceeding
12th Australian Workshop on Requirements Engineering, 2009, pp. 11 - 19
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Abstractâ Non-functional requirements (NFRs) tend to interfere, conflict, and contradict with one other. Unlike functional requirements, this inevitable conflict arises as a result of inherent contradiction among various types of NFRs. A number of techniques to deal with this conflict have been developed. Majority of them focus on categorizing, documenting, or listing the potential conflicts among NFRs. Several models that represent the positive or negative relationships among NFRs have also been published in literature. However, the interpretation of NFRs may vary depending on numerous factors, such as the context of the system being developed and stakeholder involvement. Consequently, the relationships among them are not always obvious. This paper investigates the gaps in the existing research literature about the conflicts among NFRs and proposes a framework to manage this type of conflict.
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