Automatically early detection of skin cancer: Study based on nueral netwok classification

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Conference Proceeding
SoCPaR 2009 - Soft Computing and Pattern Recognition, 2009, pp. 375 - 380
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In this paper, an automatically skin cancer classification system is developed and the relationship of skin cancer image across different type of neural network are studied with different types of preprocessing.. The collected images are feed into the system, and across different image processing procedure to enhance the image properties. Then the normal skin is removed from the skin affected area and the cancer cell is left in the image. Useful information can be extracted from these images and pass to the classification system for training and testing. Recognition accuracy of the 3-layers back-propagation neural network classifier is 89.9% and auto-associative neural network is 80.8% in the image database that include dermoscopy photo and digital photo. © 2009 IEEE.
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