Intelligent comprehensive control and monitor of proton exchange membrane fuel cell for hybrid UPS system

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Conference Proceeding
2009 4th IEEE Conference on Industrial Electronics and Applications, ICIEA 2009, 2009, pp. 3107 - 3112
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This paper, to improve the performance of a Proton Exchange Membrane fuel cell (PEMFC) stack, avoid the hydrogen and oxygen/air starvation of electrochemical reaction and the performance deterioration of the stack, prevent the dehydration and drying of the membrane, keep the water content in the membrane, heighten the utilization of the gases, and track the output power of a hybrid uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system with backup PEMFC and battery power sources, conducts research in the dynamic model, the on-line parameters monitoring of PEMFC, such as the resistance in the PEMFC stack using the current interrupt method and the performance improvement of the PEMFC employing an intelligent comprehensive control strategy of the operation parameters, such as operating temperature, pressures and mass flows of hydrogen and air, the output current and voltage for the PEMFC stack, the power supply switching between PEMFC and battery. The intelligent comprehensive control and monitor method is proposed and applied to the PEMFC generating system employed for the power source of UPS. The experimental results show that the proposal method can effectively monitor and control the pressures of the inlet hydrogen and the operating temperature of the stack, automatically switch the power supply between PEMFC and battery, efficaciously prevent the destroy of the stack when the load changes sharply, the hydrogen is purged and the output current is interrupted regularly, and reasonably improve the performance of the PEMFC through the water balance and thermal management, and real-time realize the tracking for the changes of the output power and the distribution of the mass flow rates of hydrogen and air. © 2009 IEEE.
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