Magneto-thermal analysis of a high-speed SMC motor based on 3-D FEA

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Conference Proceeding
Proceedings of the International Conference on Power Electronics and Drive Systems, 2009, pp. 563 - 567
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This paper presents a magneto-thermal model for high-speed SMC motor. Due to high frequency, core loss is much greater than other losses and it is of crucial importance to be able to calculate the core loss accurately. By using time-stepping FEA, the total core loss is computed by summing up the separately calculated alternating and rotational hysteresis, eddy current and anomalous losses in each element. The core loss in each element is coupled with the thermal analysis by keeping the same mesh structure between the magnetic and thermal analyses. Other losses such as air frictional loss and rotor loss are included in the model due to high speed. This model is applied to a 2kW, 20krpm claw pole motor with a SMC core. The 3-D FEA is conducted for the core loss and temperature calculation because flux path in claw pole motor is purely three dimensional. The results are compared with experiments.
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