An Evaluation of the Antecedent Rainfall Prior to Significant Rainfall Events in Sydney

Technical University of Denmark
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Conference Proceeding
Proceedings of 10th International Conference on Urban Drainage, 2005, pp. 1 - 8
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A common approach for the assessment offlood risk associated with a proposed development in a flood-prone area is the utilisation of a catchment modelling system. Numerous alternative hydrologic and hydraulic process models have been proposed for inclusion in these systems of process models. In a similar vein, a number of alternative rainfall models for the description of the spatial and temporal variation ofrainfall have been proposed. Previous studies such as those by Walsh et al. (1991) and Hill et al. (1996) have shown the importance ofthe loss model, or the model by which water is removed from rainfall to produce potential surface runoff. While previous studies have indicated the importance ofloss models in the estimation of a design flood flow with a pre-defined annual exceedance probability, little information has been developed to assist modellers with the task ofconverting rainfall ofa given annual exceedance probability into flow with the same exceedance probability through the application of catchment modelling systems.
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