Design and Electromagnetic Analysis of a HTS Linear Synchronous Motor

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Zheng Luhai et al. 2009, 'Design and Electromagnetic Analysis of a HTS Linear Synchronous Motor', IEEE, USA, pp. 5-10.
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High temperature superconducting (HTS) linear synchronous motor (LSM) integrated with HTS magnetic levitation system, can realize self-levitation and self-guidance without any sliding friction, which will have important applications in many fields such as electromagnetic aircraft launch system, maglev transportation. This paper presents the design and electromagnetic analysis of a HTS LSM, which is levitated by a magnetic levitation system consisting of HTS bulkspermanent magnet (PM) guideways. Numerical analysis and magnetic field finite element analysis (FEA) methods are applied to analyze the thrust, levitation and guidance force characteristics, and the electromagnetic performance of HTS LSM under no-load and load situations are studied with the analysis results are given. Finally, the primary motor running testing results are provided.
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