Experimental Studies of Impact Strength of Prestressed Concrete Beams

The University of British Columbia
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Conference Proceeding
Structures under Extreme Loading - Proceedings of First International Workshop on Performance, Protection, and Strengthening of Structures under Extreme Loading, 2007, pp. 1 - 8
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This paper describes tests on a few simply supported post-tensioned prestressed concrete beams under static and impact loadings. Five pairs of 101 mm x 152 mm x 2.13 m and five pairs of 101 mm x 203 mm x 2.13 m beams were cast and prestressed with 6.35 mm diameter 7 wire strands, varying mainly the area of prestressing steel, initial restressing, inclination of prestressing steel and web reinforcement. For each pair of beams one was tested statically under a central load at mid-span and the other under impact from a falling hammer also at the mid-span of the beams. A simple relationship between energy of deformation in static loading tests and corresponding resistance to the impact loading was investigated. The energy that was being lost due to the inertia of beams under impact loading was allowed for by a reduction factor. The reduction factor α, derived theoretically from consideration of an elastic material, was compared with the experimental value. It is possible to predict resistance to impact loading within reasonable accuracy from the energy absorbing capacity of a beam under static loading.
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