Applying graph coloring in resource coordination for a high-density wireless environment

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Proceedings - 2008 IEEE 8th International Conference on Computer and Information Technology, CIT 2008, 2008, pp. 664 - 669
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In a high density wireless environment, channel interference among users of many overlapped Basic Service Sets (OBSSs) is a serious problem. Our solution for the problem relies on a resource coordination scheme that utilizes the spatial distribution of the transceivers for channel reuse and time-slot division multiplexing for downlink transmission sharing among all participating BSSs. In this paper we show that an OBSS environment can be modeled by a planar graph and the OBSS group coordination assignment problem can be considered as a vertex coloring problem whose solution involves at most four colors. The graph coloring solution algorithm for the OBSS group coordination assignment is presented. The actual coloring is demonstrated, using a heuristics of Maximum Degree First. Performance simulation results of the coordination algorithm are also presented. © 2008 IEEE.
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