Do people really love their cars or do governments just love road building ... and what are the implications for sustainability?

Society for Sustainability and Environmental Engineering
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Conference Proceeding
Society for Sustainability and Environmental Engineering Program, 2010, pp. 1 - 11
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The paper examines the difference between the attitudes of decision makers and the general community in relation to transport development and finds that decision makers believe the general community want more roads built whereas surveys show the majority of people in the general community would prefer to see more investment in public transport. The paper then examines actual travel behaviour responses to the opening of new roads, exploring a phenomenon known as induced traffic growth, noting that the increase in traffic volumes that occurs is due to changes in travel speeds. The paper concludes that people respond to changes in travel time and that speeds can also be increased on public transport. This is a decision arising from the transport decision making process however and not the actions of individuals who simply respond positively to increases in speed, irrespective of the mode.
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