Creating 'sustainable' communities: new directions for community development within Australia's master planned communities

Deakin University
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Conference Proceeding
Community Development and Ecology: engaging ecological sustainability through community development conference proceedings, 2008, pp. 330 - 352
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The word 'community' resonates throughout our lives. Community embraces a quaiity of life that seems universally valued. Whilst none of us seem to agree on its definition, we all have a sense of when it is absent or present. In recent decades there has been a growing sense that much of the development - emerging urban sprawl - on the fringes of Austraiian cities does not adequately support or encourage the deveiopment of community. This mounting concern for community, combined with the rise of sustainability - environmental, economic and sociai - as a core component in urban development, has led to the emergence of an increasing number of master planned communities that seek to offer new residents 'sustainable' communities, (vibrant' communities, 'liveable' communities and so on. Whilst some of these offers are iittle more than enticing marketing campaigns, others are based on genuine attempts to encourage the growth and emergence of 'sustainable' communities.
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