Investigating Political and Demographic Factors in Crowd Based Interfaces

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OZCHI 2009 Design: Open 24/7, 2009, pp. 413 - 416
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Techniques that enable groups of people to control or influence digital system applications collectively have been greatly facilitated through the emergence of faster and better image processing and sensing technologies. This paper considers design issues that relate to crowd or group based user interfaces. One key difference when comparing group interface design with one-on-one user interfaces, is that a group format raises issues of digital political determinism within the system algorithms. These include the impact of an individual's weighting within the group; problems relating to inclusivity across certain user groups; and communication of appropriate user interaction to a diverse audience. These issues were explored by the authors' research using an anamorphic, anthropomorphic experimental display screen in a public location. An input mechanism was developed employing human facial expression analysis, to deliver emotionally expressive visual feedback.
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