Indigenous people living with cancer: Developing a mobile health application for improving their psychological well-being

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AMCIS 2017 - America's Conference on Information Systems: A Tradition of Innovation, 2017, 2017-August
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© 2017 AIS/ICIS Administrative Office. All Rights Reserved. Poor cancer outcomes experienced by Indigenous Australians result from advanced cancer stages at diagnosis, poorer uptake of and adherence to treatments, higher levels of co-morbidity, and poorer access to inclusive and culturally appropriate care compared with non-Indigenous Australians. Socio-economics and social support can mitigate these problems. Technology-based interventions hold considerable promise for enhancing social support. This paper asks what are the key features of a mobile health application designed to improve the social support and consequently psychological well-being of Indigenous Australians living with cancer? To answer this question, a comprehensive literature review of studies conducted in information systems and health disciplines has been undertaken and a theoretical model is proposed. This study contributes to the existing knowledge base through the development of a new theoretical model and the introduction of the features of a mobile health application that may have a positive impact among Indigenous Australian cancer patients’ psychological well-being.
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