Equal reverberance contours for synthetic room impulse responses listened to directly: Evaluation of reverberance in terms of loudness decay parameters

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Journal Article
Building Acoustics, 2011, 18 (1-2), pp. 189 - 206
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This paper examines effects of listening level and reverberation time on the perceived decay rate of synthetic room impulse responses (RIRs). A listening test was conducted with synthetic RIRs having a range of listening levels and reverberation times: in the test, subjects adjusted a physical decay rate of the RIRs to match the perceived decay rate of reference stimuli. In this way, we constructed equal reverberance contours as a function of sound pressure level and reverberation time. The experiment results confirm that listening level and reverberation time both significantly affect reverberance. The study also supports our previous finding: that the loudness decay function can be used to predict reverberance better than the conventional reverberance predictors.
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