Robust control design for precision positioning of a generic piezoelectric system with consideration of microscopic hysteresis effects

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Microsystem Technologies, 2011, 17 (5-7), pp. 1009 - 1023
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This study performs precision positioning of a generic piezoelectric structure against hysteresis effects by finite elements, microscopic hysteresis cancellation and robust H ∞ compensation. The designed control algorithm is expected to be effective in enhancing servo performance of hard disk drives. The precision positioning is accomplished by adding a polarization term into the linear constitutive equations of piezoelectric materials. This polarization term is then described by the well-known Preisach model. Applying basic principles of finite elements and Hamilton's thoery, the macroscopic governing equations of an arbitrary piezoelectric system in finite elements are obtained. Based on the macro-model, a controller consisting of two parts is designed to perform the precision positioning of a generic piezo-structure. The first part is responsible for direct hysteresis cancellation at the microscopic level, while the second one is a robust H ∞ controller to overcome inevitable cancellation errors. In this way, the control effort is then more effective than the conventional PI and double-lead controller without microscopic hysteresis cancellation. A simple piezoelectric structure of a bender-bimorph cantilever beam is considered for designs and experimental validation. Based on experimental results, the proposed control design is found effective to suppress hysteresis effects as opposed to conventional controllers. © 2011 Springer-Verlag.
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