Jamming of quantum emitters by active coated nanoparticles

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IEEE Journal on Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics, 2013, 19 (3)
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A spherical active coated nanoparticle consisting of a silica nanocore covered concentrically with a silver nanoshell is examined analytically and numerically in the presence of one, two, or four quantum emitters modeled by electric Hertzian dipoles. The ability of the active coated nanoparticle to effectively cloak the emitters to a far-field observer is reported and explained through thorough near-and far-field investigations. This property offers an interesting route toward the jamming of quantum emitters/nanoantennas that might be of potential use, for instance, in biological fluorescence assays where the suppression of certain emission lines might be desired while simultaneously enhancing the emission of other, desired, lines. © 1995-2012 IEEE.
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