Web readability factors affecting users of all ages

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Journal Article
Australian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences, 2011, 5 (11), pp. 972 - 977
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With the increase in the growth of internet since 1990 WorldWide Web have gained a worldwide popularity.Web has become an ultimate source of information throughout the world. The web has been a source of information, knowledge, entertainment and carrying out different tasks such as online shopping, reservation etc. Every one finds ways to the web due to easiness of access and the bulk of information that has been available so ways to make web more attractive and easy to interact with has been an issue under discussion since its inception. In this paper we have focused how to make a webpage more usable for different age group in terms of readability. We have focused on eight eternal readability factors i.e. color contrast, white space, line spacing, font style, font size, text width, headings, graphics and animation. These eight factors are compared that how different age group people behave with the web applications by varying these eight factors. Based on literature review we have proposed an idea that how to make web more readable for people of different age groups e.g. children, teenagers and old /senior users.
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