Scour at partially blocked box-culverts under steady flow

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Journal Article
Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers: Water Management, 2016, 169 (6), pp. 247 - 259
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© 2016, Thomas Telford Services Ltd. All rights reserved. Culverts are built at locations where a waterway crosses a road or railway and creates a limitation to flow passage. Furthermore, blockage commonly occurs during flood events with accumulation of debris at the culvert inlet. The inlet blockage changes the flow structure at the outlet and may result in culvert failure. Despite this, the impacts of blockage on culvert hydraulics and downstream waterways have not received consideration in the literature. The purpose of this paper is to mitigate this deficiency by reporting on an investigation into scouring at the outlet of partially blocked culverts. Experimental tests were conducted under steady flow to investigate a relationship between the maximum scour depth, blockage ratio of the culvert and the flow characteristics. Both non-blocked and partially blocked conditions were considered. Consideration of the results obtained showed that the scoured area and maximum scour depth increased with partially blocked culverts conditions compared with equivalent non-blocked culverts.
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