Finding their voice: Hip hop in schools

Melbourne University
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Journal Article
Connect, 2013, (201), pp. 3 - 7
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Music has had a long and complicated relationship with social movements. Activists have used it as a tool to educate, to inspire and even to anger, all in the hopes of influencing public opinion or government policy. Whether the music might have been written solely for a particular cause, or been co-opted to represent a cause regardless of the writer's original intention, music has been a useful tool for galvanising public support and educating citizens about issues as diverse as the environment, land rights, indigenous affairs, fiscal policy and historical events. One need only look at examples like La Marseillaise from France, linked to the French revolution, or Beds are Burning by Midnight Oil, with its close association with the green movement in Australia, to realise the power of the music and the lyrics
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