Decision-Making with Sugeno Integrals: Bridging the Gap Between Multicriteria Evaluation and Decision Under Uncertainty

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Journal Article
Order, 2016, 33 (3), pp. 517 - 535
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© 2015, Springer Science+Business Media Dordrecht. This paper clarifies the connection between multiple criteria decision-making and decision under uncertainty in a qualitative setting relying on a finite value scale. While their mathematical formulations are very similar, the underlying assumptions differ and the latter problem turns out to be a special case of the former. Sugeno integrals are very general aggregation operations that can represent preference relations between uncertain acts or between multifactorial alternatives where attributes share the same totally ordered domain. This paper proposes a generalized form of the Sugeno integral that can cope with attributes having distinct domains via the use of qualitative utility functions. It is shown that in the case of decision under uncertainty, this model corresponds to state-dependent preferences on consequences of acts. Axiomatizations of the corresponding preference functionals are proposed in the cases where uncertainty is represented by possibility measures, by necessity measures, and by general order-preserving set-functions, respectively. This is achieved by weakening previously proposed axiom systems for Sugeno integrals.
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