A haptic base human robot interaction approach for robotic grit blasting

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Conference Proceeding
ISARC 2008 - Proceedings from the 25th International Symposium on Automation and Robotics in Construction, 2008, pp. 148 - 154
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This paper proposes a remote operation method for a robot arm in a complex environment by using the Virtual Force (VF) based approach. A virtual robot arm is manipulated by a steering force, at the end-effecter, which is generated according to the movement of a feedback haptic. A three-dimensional force field (3D-F2) is employed in collision detection and avoidance. Repulsive forces from the 3D-F2 are produced and feedback to the haptic device that enables the operator to have a sense of touch on the encountered obstacle and then steer the arm to avoid it. As a result, collision-free poses of the virtual robot arm can then be used to command the real robot. Experiments are conducted in a mock up bridge environment where the real robot arm is steered to target points by the operator. Experiment results have shown successful collision avoidance and emulation of the actual command force and the virtual forces in remote operations.
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