Using Chemically Enhanced Primary Treatment (CEPT) as a pretreatment option for anaerobic digestate from cattle manure digestion system

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Journal Article
Water (Switzerland), 2017, 9 (7)
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© 2017 by the authors. Anaerobic digestate from cattle manure fermentation may pose a threat to the environment. How to stabilize the digestate's characteristics so that they do not disturb the bio-system is a critical issue for digestate management. Chemically enhanced primary treatment (CEPT) was investigated as a pretreatment option for digestate treatment. The performance of CEPT for digestate management was carried out under rapid mixing (200 r/min) and slow stirring (40 r/min), respectively. The optimal dosage of ferric chloride (FeCl3) was 40 mg/L. The combination of FeCl3 and anionic polyacrylamide (APAM) had no obvious influence on TP removal, while COD removal efficiency was improved by 15.4%. The digestate pH and temperature remained stable for CEPT application and required no adjustment. The results indicate that CEPT was effective and feasible in enhancing the removal of COD and TP for digestate pretreatment by using FeCl3 and APAM.
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