Teacher to academic becoming and belonging

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Being "In and Out": Providing Voice to Early Career Women in Academia, 2014, pp. 31 - 42
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© 2014 Sense Publishers. All rights reserved. In this chapter, I examine the tensions that arose when I changed occupation and moved from professional practice into the world of academia. I focus on the changes in identity that have accompanied this transition and the factors that influenced these changes. I also reflect on the reasons behind these factors, within a threedimensional narrative inquiry space by looking at experiences in multiple ways: backward and forward, inward and outward, and by positioning the experiences described in place and time (Clandinin & Connelly, 2000). A series of flights are used to describe and reflect on significant events and situations that have shaped my identity as academic and teacher educator. My journey from professional to academic has at times been frustrating, but these frustrations have been outweighed by the excitement and intellectual challenges. On reflection, I realise that I have taken on a new professional identity, although, perhaps blended would be a better adjective than new. I have also come to realise that this change has occurred through a slow metamorphosis tempered and even directed by a strong personal identity anchored by the need to make decisions based on personal integrity.
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