Has the time come to count what counts?

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39th Annual SCUTREA Conference, 2009, pp. 380 - 387
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Like so many other western countries, increasing productivity and participation are central drivers of national reforms in Australia. Set against stories of a future of doom and gloom (led by an aging society) interventions are imagined that target education, training and work (National Reform Initiative Working Group, 2005). Few of these interventions are imagined without the support of some sort of research to frame the `problems, as well as the `solutions. What this means then is that research in adult education, training and work will continue to be in demand, at least for the foreseeable future. Moreover, with economic downturn on the horizon, along with likely rises in unemployment, demands for further research in adult education, training and work are not likely to diminish any time soon. In short, adult education researchers have responsibility to produce `really useful research that can work to shape these current, and future, interventions.
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