Measurement of magnetic properties of soft magnetic composite material (SOMALOY 700) by using 3-D magnetic tester

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Conference Proceeding
19th International Conference on Electrical Machines and Systems, ICEMS 2016, 2017
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© 2016 The Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan. Core loss for rotating electrical machine can be predicted by identifying the magnetic properties of the particular magnetic material. The magnetic properties should be properly measured since there are some variations of vector flux density in the rotating machine. In this paper, a kind of soft magnetic composite material, SOMALOY 700, has been measured under one axis flux density penetration by using a 3-D magnetic tester. The LabVIEW has been used to measure the induced voltages of B (magnetic flux density) and H (magnetic field strength) sensing coils. The voltages are used in obtaining the magnetic properties of the sample such as B, H, hysteresis loop and core loss by using the Mathcad software.
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