Safety Fundamental Diagram on Freeways

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CICTP 2015 - Efficient, Safe, and Green Multimodal Transportation - Proceedings of the 15th COTA International Conference of Transportation Professionals, 2015, pp. 3143 - 3154
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© ASCE. With the increasing losses to society, traffic safety has become essential task to traffic engineers and researchers. In order to visually investigate the relationship between safety and flow condition without the historical crash data, we developed the Safety Fundamental Diagram (SFD) by using the surrogate radar diagram to demonstrate the risk level in a fundamental diagram. We first propose a surrogate radar diagram to describe the risk level by using five well recognised surrogate indicators. Furthermore, the traffic of the Pacific Motorway is simulated with the traffic data provided by the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads. By analyzing the different shapes generated in the surrogate radar diagrams, the safety levels of different regimes can be represented in a fundamental diagram visually. This methodology on SFD can also be applied to evaluate the safety impact of different proposed projects proactively before implementation.
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