Integrating Computational Generative Processes in Acoustic Music Composition

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Conference Proceeding
Proceedings of Generative Arts Practice '05: A Creativity and Cognition Symposium, 2005, 2005 pp. 5 - 20
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Complex systems such as Cellular Automata (CA) produce global behaviour based ?n the ~nteractions of simple units (cells). Their evolution is specified by local mterection rules that generate some form of ordered, complex or chaotic behaviour. This wide variety of behaviour represents an important generative tool for the artist. Chaotic behaviour dominates rule space, which has serious implications for the serendipitous use of these systems in artistic endeavour. A fresh insight into a recognised key problem, the structure of rule space, is presented based on empirical evidence. This provides a method fer creating groups of rules with a bread range of behaviour for application within generative arts practice and will also be of interest to scientific practitioners.
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