Ilt Table Lamp

Chifley Plaza
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Workshopped 08 - Design '08
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The ILT research project is located within the field of industrial design, specifically object design and batch production in the Australian context. The ILT table lamp emerged following an investigation into alternative manufacturing methods, specifically, the suitability of cold-forming acrylic sheet as a viable manufacturing option. Existing processing methods for sheet acrylic include fabrication and heat forming which require jigs and/or vacuum forming moulds. Unlike other sheet materials such as metal and polycarbonate, forming acrylic relies on heat to first soften the material, and pressure to then shape the material to desired result. The results of this investigation provide a unique solution that exploits the limit to which acrylic sheet can be formed without heat and pressure whilst maintaining the unique characteristics of the material: transparency, colour sharpness and high gloss surface. Exploiting the inherent peculiarities of acrylic sheet and its limitations enabled me to uncover a processing method that simplifies form creation and the associated costs and complications of existing methods. The cold-forming solution inherent in the ILT table lamp provides a platform for the development of new objects that can now be distinguished from existing products manufactured using acrylic through this unique method of construction. ILT was presented at design exhibitions in WORKSHOPPED and Latitude in 2008 and Artlight in 2009.
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