Designs for the International Hand and Lock Prize for Embroidery Awards

Musum of Sydney
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Hand and Lock Embroidery
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Background - With mass production and fashion flooding the market, traditional arts and crafts such as embroidery have recently seen a decline in their adoption. This has been mostly due to the laborious process of making involved. The opportunity to create a piece of work for this renowned embroidery competition allowed me to link it to my research, which investigates components and `fragments' of dress that are often overlooked. Contribution - The research addresses two questions: 1) How can fashion designers refocus on elements or components of design, and incorporate sustainable elements within the making? 2) Through an examination of the details in fashion garments, how can traditional methods and techniques of making, such as embroidery, lead fashion designers to explore new innovations? Through addressing these questions, the design work and research focusses on various considerations of design with a sustainable outcome, while utilising a traditional technique of embellishment such as embroidery. Significance - The research and outcome for the International Hand and Lock Embroidery Prize for Embroidery competition and exhibition is significant in that it is the first of its kind to look at components of dress, rather than the overall garment or fashion outcome. Creation of the work provided an opportunity to test how components of dress could be reconsidered by designers, when creating fashion at a variety of market levels - the possibilities, potentials and reality of applying traditional and innovative methodologies in contemporary fashion practice.
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