Semantic approximate keyword query based on keyword and query coupling relationship analysis

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CIKM 2014 - Proceedings of the 2014 ACM International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management, 2014, pp. 529 - 538
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Due to imprecise query intention, Web database users often use a limited number of keywords that are not directly related to their precise query to search information. Semantic approximate keyword query is challenging but helpful for specifying such query intent and providing more relevant answers. By extracting the semantic relationships both between keywords and keyword queries, this paper proposes a new keyword query approach which generates semantic approximate answers by identifying a set of keyword queries from the query history whose semantics are related to the given keyword query. To capture the semantic relationships between keywords, a semantic coupling relationship analysis model is introduced to model both the intra- and inter - keyword couplings. Building on the coupling relationships between keywords, the semantic similarity of different keyword queries is then measured by a semantic matrix. The representative queries in query history are identified and then a priori order of remaining queries corresponding to each representative query in an off-line preprocessing step is created. These representative queries and associated orders are then used to expeditiously generate top-k ranked semantically related keyword queries. We demonstrate that our coupling relationship analysis model can accurately capture the semantic relationships both between keywords and queries. The efficiency of top-k keyword query selection algorithm is also demonstrated.
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