Wastewater treatment and reuse - The future source of water supply

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Encyclopedia of Sustainable Technologies, 2017, 2017, 4 pp. 43 - 52
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Freshwater supply is critical for the survival of humankind. With the rapid growth of population and urbanization we are confronted with serious water scarcity. Wastewater treatment, recycle and reuse have now become important alternate sources of water supply. Wastewater is used water from domestic, commercial, industrial and agricultural activities. This water if untreated may be harmful to both the man-made and the natural environment. Treating wastewater requires a comprehensive planning, design, construction and management of treatment facilities to ensure that the treated water is safe for human consumption and for discharge to the environment. The potential treatments include primary, secondary and tertiary treatment using mechanical, chemical and biological processes. Nowadays wastewater treatment plays an important role in providing safe water to ease water scarcity in some areas.
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