Being Before

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Background Being Before explores traces of pre-existing objects, experiences and ways of ordering the world. Two multimedia installations explore issues of physical presence and simulated reality, classification and perception, authenticity and mediation. Referencing details from the computer graphical interface Ian Gwilts Scrolling_heaven extracts metaphors from digital environments, taking them back into the physical world in the form of digital prints, video and rapid prototype models. Away from the usual intimacy of the computer screen changes in scale and media question boundaries and reference points. Aaron Fry, Sally McLaughlin and Taylor Davis Real exploits the digital medium to assemble visual reference points: smoke stacks on the outskirts of a city, a fragment of a floral arrangement, the canopy of a palm tree. As sequences of images unfold shifts between readings such as nature as technology, nature as possession, and nature as symbol are invoked. Contribution / Significance The Being before show raises issues around notions of reality, the real and the virtual and the role that Visual Communication languages, both computer based and analogue paly in the framing of these understandings. As such the Being Before show is intended to act as a talking point for University students, academics and the art going public around the issues.
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