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Bad Dogs
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The fashionable crowd are a fickle bunch, with many unspoken dress rules sorting the fashionably elite to the fashionably obsolete. The exhibition Bad Dogs, is all about breaking these codes of conduct in the fashion world and poking fun at the oh so important standards to remember when one is keeping up appearances. "Some people have set ideas about the way fashion should be," says the exhibition's designer Timo Rissanen. "Certain conventions and habits exist that regulate the way we dress and assess one another. Bad Dogs flaunts a bit of rule breaking by deliberately not doing what the fashion world advises you to do with clothing," he says. If the collection misbehaves when it comes to the fashion rulebook, it does not do so when it comes to sustainability. "In the industry, the average clothes made waste about 15% of the fabric used in its production, says Rissanen. "All clothes in Bad Dogs have been created without wasting fabric and the fabric used as been consciously chosen because of its environmental impact. "Some hemp, organic cotton, vintage material and even textile waste has been used in order to do so," he says
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