Moire House

Australian Institute of Architects
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2008 Venice Biennale
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The Moire House is a hypothetical design of a single-family house in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA. The design began in 2006 to test key aspects of my research, specifically my work in perception and optics. In 2008, I was invited to submit a project for the exhibition" Abundant Australia" at the 2008 Venice Architecture Biennale. Thecurator of the exhibition, renowned Australian architect Neil Durbach, assembled a diverse collection of current work from architects practicing in Australia. The exhibition was comprised entirely of small models arranged as a flowing array of contemporary design from Australia. As sole designer of the project, I designed the house including the juxtaposed layers of intricate interior and exterior facades that produced the moire patterns. I created the detailed digital three-dimensional files and the files for its digital fabrication. The model ofthe house was produced using digital threedimensional printing processes. The Moire House is a significant conceptual project demonstrating research into perception and optics tested through the medium of architecture. The small house, perched on a steep hillside in a hypothetical site in Pittsburgh, PA, has many layers of patterned walls and facades that create a visual indeterminacy that belies the simple form of the house. In addition, the moire patterning of the facades is the direct result in a very pragmatic structural system shift. When viewed at varying distances, the resulting optical affect creates unique "images" for each viewer.
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