Robust domain adaptation for relation extraction via clustering consistency

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Conference Proceeding
52nd Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics, ACL 2014 - Proceedings of the Conference, 2014, 1 pp. 807 - 817
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We propose a two-phase framework to adapt existing relation extraction classifiers to extract relations for new target domains. We address two challenges: negative transfer when knowledge in source domains is used without considering the differences in relation distributions; and lack of adequate labeled samples for rarer relations in the new domain, due to a small labeled data set and imbalance relation distributions. Our framework leverages on both labeled and unlabeled data in the target domain. First, we determine the relevance of each source domain to the target domain for each relation type, using the consistency between the clustering given by the target domain labels and the clustering given by the predictors trained for the source domain. To overcome the lack of labeled samples for rarer relations, these clusterings operate on both the labeled and unlabeled data in the target domain. Second, we trade-off between using relevance-weighted sourcedomain predictors and the labeled target data. Again, to overcome the imbalance distribution, the source-domain predictors operate on the unlabeled target data. Our method outperforms numerous baselines and a weakly-supervised relation extraction method on ACE 2004 and YAGO. © 2014 Association for Computational Linguistics.
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