Classical-Operation-Based Deterministic Secure Quantum Communication

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International Journal of Theoretical Physics, 2014, 53 (6), pp. 2118 - 2129
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We generalize the unitary-operation-based deterministic secure quantum communication (UODSQC) model (protocol) to describe the conventional deterministic secure quantum communication (DSQC) protocols in which unitary operations are usually utilized for encoding or decoding message. However, it is found that unitary operation for message encoding or decoding is not required and can be replaced with classical operation in DSQC. So the classical-operation-based deterministic secure quantum communication (CODSQC) model (protocol) is put forward. Then the rigorous mathematical analysis to explain the reason why classical operations can replace unitary operations to encode or decode secret deterministic message is given. Although unitary operations are still possibly needed in the whole communication of CODSQC model (protocol), those used for message encoding or decoding are omitted and replaced with classical operations in CODSQC model (protocol). As a result, the CODSQC model (protocol) is simpler and even more robust than the UODSQC one. © 2014 Springer Science+Business Media New York.
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