Out From Under

American Institute of Architecture - San Francisco
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This exhibition is perhaps one of the first to recast the understanding of Australian Architecture within an international intellectual context focused on design innovation, through showcasing a broad range of building types significantly different to the bush and beach identity for which Australian Architecture is known. In this, the exhibition establishes a formulative context for new modes of understanding and contextualization for Australian Architectural production, currently unrecognized in International Architectural forums. Out from Under is an exhibition of 16 contemporary Australian architectural practices curated by Anthony Burke, with the research goal of projecting new perceptions of Australian architecture to an international context. While recent international understandings of Australian architecture have been evoked through the 'bush and beach' projects of Glen Murcutt, this exhibition refigures the reception of what can be termed Australian architecture. At the forefront was the aim to present experimental work for its design innovation in materials technologies, aesthetics and new understandings of the urban task of architecture. From over 50 expressions of interest, 16 practices were chosen through exploration of new attitudes, images and aesthetic values they bring to 'Australian architecture'. These attitudes were presented through workshops associated with the exhibition.
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