Low-Complexity Uplink Multiuser Receivers for MIMO System with Massive Hybrid Array

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Conference Proceeding
IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference, 2017, 2017-June
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© 2017 IEEE. Due to the enormous needs for signal processing and hardware constraints, the full digital implementation for a large antenna array at mmWave frequencies becomes intractable. Hence, receiver design for MIMO system with massive hybrid array is very demanding, particularly for subarray structure. In this paper, we propose two low- complexity uplink multiuser receiver design schemes (single-beam and multi-beam) under the circumstances of only users' angles of arrival (AOAs) available at base station, which greatly simplify the analog beamforming structure and reduce the complexity of channel estimation especially when the number of antenna elements is considerably large. In the single-beam scheme, subarrays are mapped to different users one by one such that each subarray serves a specific user. In the multibeam scheme, all subarrays use the same analog beamforming and any subarray's beamforming signal potentially points at all users. Digital beamforming is then employed to combine all subarray signals followed by equalization. Simulations are performed to compare the proposed schemes with other schemes that need channel information available at the subarray output. Since only AOAs are required for analog and digital beamformings, the proposed schemes are more suitable for mmWave MIMO system with massive hybrid array in spite of slight sum-rate loss.
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