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Korean German Institute of Technology
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Past Mapping
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Past Mapping is two twenty meter long titanium sculptural objects on permenant display in the foyer of the Korean German Institute of Technology, Digital Media City, Seoul, South Korea In the art of the cartographer lies a tension between an objective description of the world and its subjective reading. In the labyrinth it is the visitor not the architect that creates the space. Past Mapping maps Seoul and Berlin, interpreting the cartographers art to locate the representations of the two cities physically, intellectually and culturally. The resultant sculpture or "map" is a rhizomic object defined by a non-hierarchical system without a centre or central automaton. The work is comprised of many inter-connected elements derived from past mappings of the geographic and cultural landscapes of both cities to form anew hybridised intellectual territory. It suggests the importance of intellectual and artistic to work (outside traditional hierarchies of culture and knowledge) to increase territory through deterritonalization. The artistic act extends the line of flight or imagination to the point where the map becomes an abstract machine. By taking specific maps and relocating them through processes of scale, juxtaposition and imposition we define representations of landscape in order to achieve a new spatiality that engages across the differing cultural perspective and positions. Past mapping redefines the space within the map and is a research processmade visible through the medium of sculpture and the creation of a representation of a hybrid city.
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