A Framework for Data Security in Cloud using Collaborative Intrusion Detection Scheme

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Conference Proceeding
ACM International Conference Proceeding Series, 2017, pp. 188 - 193
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© 2017 Association for Computing Machinery. Cloud computing offers an on demand, elastic, global network access to a shared pool of resources that can be configured on user demand. The advantages of cloud computing are lucrative for well-established organizations looking to reduce infrastructure cost overheads. However, the users are not quite confident in entrusting their data to the cloud due to security threats and risks perceived in the cloud domain. Issues involving privacy requirements for the cloud and best practices in the cloud are suggested in this paper. Although the cloud provider ensures security in the cloud yet the flow of data, storage location, data computing process and security breaches are not transparent to the cloud customer. This distrust and lack of control on data is a major hindrance for potential cloud customers in adopting the cloud models for their businesses. Intrusion Detection Systems (IDSs) are widely used to detect malicious activities. However existing solutions with IDSs involving DDoS and other non-detectable events may not be suitable in applying to the cloud due to distributed data storage and a major shift in Internet access mechanisms offered by cloud providers. Hence there is a strong need to analyze an appropriate IDS to counter DDoS attacks in the cloud. In this paper we propose a novel framework for data security in the cloud using Collaborative Intrusion Detection (CIDS) scheme. The benefits of CIDS scheme in cloud are enabling the end user to get comprehensive information in the event of a distributed attack on cloud.
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