Beijing Biennale - Invited exhibitor - Offshore Studio

Tsinghua University, China
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2008 Beijing Architecture Biennale
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Offshore Studio was selected as one of five practices to represent Australian architectural practices at the 2008 Beijing Biennale, demonstrating work at the cutting edge of advanced design and computation. Neil Leach and Xu Wei-Guo were the curators of the architectural exhibition, titled `(Im)material Processes: New Digital Techniques for Architecture. Design, presentation, negotiation and submission management - 50% - equal contribution with Anthony Burke. In 2008, Offshore Studio, the architectural design research practice of Anthony Burke and Ben Hewett was invited to exhibit at the Beijing International Architecture Biennale. Offshore Studio represented Australia as one of 5 technology focused practices leading design innovation in Australia. The exhibition was curated by internationally recognised theorist and curator Neil Leech, and was published in two catalogues. This exhibition is recognised internationally as one of two significant architectural exhibitions held bi-annually promoting emerging and innovative design in architecture and represented a gathering of the premiere international design practices of 2008. Inclusion in this exhibition is evidence of an international profile. The two selected projects for the exhibition `Bone House and `Open Tower are architectural design research projects undertaken by the authors that investigate contemporary computational techniques and their application to complex architectural typologies. The research work presented evidenced early manifestations of possible outcomes. Inclusion in the exhibition situated the work in an international context for review, reflection and discussion, thereby allowing ongoing development of the research
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