Science Gallery, Trinity College, Dublin
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TechnoThreads (2008), curated by O'Mahony, was the inaugural exhibition at the New Science Gallery in Trinity College Dublin. It attracted 60,000 visitors and significant national and international press coverage. The extent of the impact of science on the fashion industry is not well understood by design professionals, manufacturers or the broader public. This publically accessible exhibition brought together highly innovative examples that clearly demonstrate the application of science in this design field. This was achieved by examples showing the use of scientific developments in fashion, the aesthetics of science and the use of new technologically advanced textiles. The aim of the exhibition and its catalogue was twofold. The first was to inform the designers, consuming public and the manufacturing industry of advances in sciences that can impact fashion and textiles and the newly defined roles this creates in society. The second was to evaluate the new broadening role of advanced textiles and smart systems. This information was placed against seductive and highly aesthetically transformed garments designed for the exhibition. The emphasis was to see scientific developments in the context of fashion. This work emerged from continuing exploration of the impact of new sciences and technologies on fashion. Understanding the potential for new technologies and materials requires constant interpretive engagement across industry groups. This exploration is brought more palatably to the fashion and design professions through the evaluation of aesthetic or designed objects rather than scientific discussion. It is only by the contextualizing of scientific development through fashion design that groups will become aware of developments and their potential.
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