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'Walking in the limits is a homogenic artistic work made of sound, words and space, dealing with the understanding of space and time in a very existential sense: it reflects upon perception and illumines the structures of individual memory.' : Isabell Hemmel, Walking in the limits, in: Tagesanzeiger Zurich, 17-8-2006 The media installation and stage space were based on a two year investigation into the supersymmetric string theory. In the case of string theory, consistency requires spacetime to have 10 (3+1+6) dimensions. The conflict between observation and theory is resolved by making the unobserved dimensions compactified. By simulating a biographical event staged over 24 hours in a hotel room in Berlin on the night that the wall fell on the 9 November 1989 and viewing these events in terms of the string theory we propose an 'observable' ten-dimensional simulation of the proposed reality offered by the string theory. Working closely with researchers at CERN in Geneva and the composer Heinz Reber the works seeks to make the invisible, visible and allow us to simulate the incomprehensible. The research goes further than illustrating a theory by proposing a new perspective on quantum physics through the disciplines of literature (Borges) Art (Wallen) and Music (Reber) by creating a fluid space in perpetual movement and ten differentiated spacetime layers.
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